Human Resources Composite View Reports

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Composite View Target: AP_FACULTY_RANK_HISTORY

Description Provides historical information about faculty rankings.

Target Column Business Definition Database Data Type Source Name Source Column
AAUP_MEMBER_IND Indicates the academic staff or faculty member belongs to the American Association of University Professors. VARCHAR2(1)    
ACADEMIC_TITLE Academic title. VARCHAR2(80)    
CURRENT_DATE System current date (sysdate) or date the data was extracted. DATE



DOMAIN_VALUE Organization-oriented identifier for the record used to determine access authorization to this record. Institution defined. VARCHAR2(6)    
EMERITUS_STATUS_IND Emeritus status. VARCHAR2(1)    
FACULTY_TYPE Faculty type code. VARCHAR2(6)    
FACULTY_TYPE_DESC Faculty type code description. VARCHAR2(30)    
INITIAL_RANK_IND Rank initial record indicator. VARCHAR2(1)    
JOB_SUFFIX Suffix allows users to define a job with more precision. For example, a user could denote daytime faculty with one suffix and evening school with another. VARCHAR2(2)    
MIF_DESC Institution description when the optional multi-institution facility feature has been applied. VARCHAR2(30)    
MIF_VALUE Institution value for the record when the optional multi-institution facility feature has been applied. VARCHAR2(6)    
ORGANIZATION_CODE Organization code. VARCHAR2(6)    
ORGANIZATION_DESC Organization code desc. VARCHAR2(35)    
ORIGINAL_APPOINT_BEGIN_DATE Original appointment begin date. DATE    
ORIGINAL_APPOINT_END_DATE Original appointment end date. DATE    
PERSON_UID System generated, unique, internal identification number assigned to this person. NUMBER(8)    
POSITION Employee position number. VARCHAR2(6)    
POSITION_TITLE Employee position description. VARCHAR2(30)    
PREVIOUS_INSTITUTION_CREDIT Credit toward the number of years of service the employe may have from prior insitutions that may have some bearing on current faculty action eligibility. For Canadian College installations, this field is reported on the Annual Statistics Canada Report for Colleges. Two decimal places. NUMBER(5, 2)    
PRIMARY_ACTIVITY Indicates whether the primary activity of the faculty member is instructional, research, or administrative. VARCHAR2(1)    
PRIMARY_ACTIVITY_DESC Primary Activity description. VARCHAR2(30)    
PRIMARY_DISCIPLINE Primary discipline code. VARCHAR2(6)    
PRIMARY_DISCIPLINE_DESC Primary discipline code description. VARCHAR2(30)    
RANK Rank code. VARCHAR2(2)    
RANK_ACADEMIC_TITLE Academic title. VARCHAR2(80)    
RANK_ACTION_DATE Rank action date. DATE    
RANK_APPEAL_DATE Appeal date. DATE    
RANK_BEGIN_DATE Rank effective date. DATE    
RANK_COMMENT Rank comments. VARCHAR2(4000)    
RANK_DECISION Decision for rank. VARCHAR2(1)    
RANK_DECISION_DATE Decision date for rank. DATE    
RANK_DECISION_DEFERRAL_DATE Decision deferred to date. DATE    
RANK_DECISION_DESC Rank decision description. VARCHAR2(30)    
RANK_DESC Rank code description. VARCHAR2(30)    
RANK_EMERITUS_STATUS Emeritue status. VARCHAR2(1)    
RANK_NEXT_REVIEW_DATE Rank next review Date. DATE    
TIMESHEET_CHART_DESC Chart of accounts code description or title. VARCHAR2(35)    
TIMESHEET_CHART_OF_ACCOUNTS Timesheet chart of accounts. VARCHAR2(1)    
ZONE_VALUE Process-oriented identifier for the record used to determine access authorization to this record. Institution defined. VARCHAR2(6)    

Ver: 8.0