Dr. Shirley Chao has a unique interest in the effect insects have on crops. Insect pests cause substantial damage to stored food products, especially grains and vegetables, throughout the world. Some of the principal pests that cause damage are the adult and larval stages of beetles and the larval stages of moths. All may be problematic by their presence, either alive or dead, in grain that is to be processed for food. Due to the toxicity of current synthetic pesticides to human/animal health, there was a need to develop a safer, more effective insecticide that targets insect pests, specifically without harming non-target animals and humans. Plants of the Family Cannabaceae have been shown to alter the development of insects. The unique properties of Cannabaceae include its toxicity toward insect pests and, at the same time, its beneficial characteristics toward humans and other vertebrates. The product, called CannabixMix disrupts reproduction and the normal development of insects at the larval stage. Dr. Chao has a provisional patent and is currently preparing a full patent. PAGE 9 ©2017 THE RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OFFICE | FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY Current Patents Cannamix