©2017 THE RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OFFICE | FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY PAGE 10 Current Patents Pollution Remediation Product The Pollution Remediation Product (Patent Pending) is a highly effective method for cleaning oil on water and on land. The product was invented by Mr. Tommy Hall of Fayetteville, NC. Mr. Hall approached FSU to validate and test his product. This has resulted in the first patent shared between a community member, Mr. Tommy Hall, and the University. The product, called “Plashtic” by Mr. Hall, absorbs oil, floats on water, is extremely light weight, with a high oil absorption capacity and can be compressed for storage and transport. More importantly, the oil absorbed by the “Plashtic” can be recovered for reuse, by simple mechanical pressing of the material and after use the “Plashtic” can be recycled into more usable “Plashtic” The “Plashtic” is composed of completely recycled materials, thermoplastics and coal combustion products (coal ash and fly ash). Plastics disposed in the environment are extremely persistent and hard to degrade, while coal combustion products are both persistent and toxic. This new product uses both to clean the environment. It is literally the best of both worlds, it gets rid of toxic waste products and cleans the environment, while releasing usable oil.