©2017 THE RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OFFICE | FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY PAGE 14 Sensors Research SENSORS ADVANCED RESEARCH Radiation Sensors The negative effects of radiation pose a threat to our citizens, our military and our astronauts. Conventional detectors require relatively high and dangerous amounts of radiation. This is often due to the naturally occurring background gamma radiation produced by our sun, or other stars. Imagine detecting damaging radiation at the microscale, before it becomes damaging or even life threatening. The two innovators from FSU are Dr. Daryush ILA and Dr. Zhiping Luo, who are developing these sensors. Dr. Luo is working on synthe- sis of arrays of nanowires. Dr. ILA and his partners at ORAU and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory are synthesizing and prototyping a triangulating detection system which will allow precision three-dimensional mapping of the radiation from long distance with no to minimum interference from cosmic or background radiation. These tiny arrays of detectors will be life-savers. Chemical Sensors This is a broad area of research for the university and is being conducted by the Department of Biological Sciences, the Department of Chemistry and Physics and by Materials Scientists at FSU. Researchers are developing sensors for detection of hazardous chemicals in the environment, chemicals released by radiation damaged cells, chemicals released by crops and a variety of other types of chemicals.