PAGE 15 ©2017 THE RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OFFICE | FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY Sensors Research Explosive Sensors Dr. Shubo Han of the Department of Chemistry and Physics is developing a portable nanomaterials based detector for explosives, especially Trinitrotoluene (TNT) and its most explosive derivatives. The detector is based on the construction of novel biosensors from nano-shells and spheres bound with enzymes to detect explosives via volumetric method. The use of these highly sensitive detectors will help reduce injury due to explosives to our troops abroad, and if used in this country, reduce the threat posed from terrorists. Threat Detection in Trapped Air Dr. Daryush ILA and his team are working on detecting, biological, chemical and explosive threats entering our nation by analyzing the air trapped in planes. Through the rapid detection of threat signatures, this unique potential will allow the nation to determine if a biological agent has entered the nation through an infected person, or if individuals who have created chemical or explosive weapons have entered.