©2017 THE RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OFFICE | FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY PAGE 16 Agriculture AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH AND SERVICE Research into Crop Pests Crop loss to insect pests globally amounts to billions of dollars and decreases the amount of food available for both humans and animals. Dr. Lieceng Zhu of the Department of Biological Sciences has been investigating how heat stress compromises a plants resistance to parasites. Specifically she has been working with wheat and the Hessian Wheat Fly. She is examining the interactions, the effects of heat on the plants resistance and better methods to control the pests. Soybean Genetics Soybeans are a critical food crop and are an excellent source of plant created protein. Dr. Abdelmajid Kassem has been investigating the genetics of various subspecies and cultivars of soybeans. The goal is to determine which types will grow best where, and how to increase production of this important food crop.