©2017 THE RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OFFICE | FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY PAGE 18 Medical MEDICAL RESEARCH AND SERVICE Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the Military FSU, because of its close ties with the military and the concern for their wellbeing, has been extremely active in PTSD research and treatment. The effort has been interdisciplinary and has included the Departments of Communication, Nursing, Psychology and Social Work. Dr. Alexandru Stana of the Department of Communication conducted research on social support of combat veterans with PTSD. In “Battling the Stigma: Combat Veteran’s Use of Social Support in an Online PTSD Forum”, Dr. Stana examined posts from 63 combat veterans and found the most common types of support for PTSD that they were seeking were informational support, along with to a lesser degree social support and a new area of conflict resolution. Dr. Afua Arhin and Dr. Sheila Cannon both of the Department of Nursing, along with Dr. Kimberly Tran, of the Department of Psychology have been actively studying the effects of acupuncture as part of a holistic treatment of PTSD in combat veterans. “Acupuncture as a Treatment Option in Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder-Related Tinnitus in War Veterans: A Case Presentation.” Dr. Mark Marquez of the Department of Social Work, has been actively involved in PTSD research and the treatment of PTSD in our service members for for a number of years. Publications on his research on the subject includes, “Not Just about Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Call for Military-Centric Social Work”, and “The Military and Intimate Partner Violence- A Call for Open Discussion.”