PAGE 7 ©2017 THE RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OFFICE | FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY Current Patents Agro-Tiling for Extreme Environmnets While the global population increases and while deserts are rapidly increasing in size, crop production is decreasing. Unfortunately, increased desertificatio is not the only extreme environment that impedes food crop production. The world is still dependent on outdated farming techniques, most of which require high amounts of water for irrigation. While attempts have been made to advance sustainable farming in extreme environments, there has been little success and the success there has been is too costly for the world's poorest people and nations to employ. The inventors, Dr. Daryush ILA and Dr. Carla Padilla, are addressing these problems with the development of agro-tiles. Agro-tiles are portable and can be used immediately for farming. They require little water and are easily installed and are extremely economical. The agro-tile provides a matrix for plant growth, along with the needed nutrients and can be made to the specific needs of each environment and crop type. The agro-tiles are lightweight, and extremely economical and can be installed easily be hand.